About my artistic journey

The years to 2019

My tertiary education began in the Sciences, majoring in Zoology, but in 1982 my attentions were diverted into several drawing classes which led to enrolment into a full time Diploma where I acknowledged my love of creative expression and colour. Sculptural discipline gave me a thorough understanding of structure and anatomy while the pure love of colour was explored and absorbed.

Descending Lightcopyright.jpg

Upon graduation I was offered a teaching position with TAFE in the southwest of WA, and so I slipped into a rural life as both college art lecturer and exhibiting artist. Both roles were immensely satisfying, and my previously figurative work began to reflect the influence of the heightened awareness of landscape. Increasingly, over the ensuing 25 years, landscape took on significance as spiritual metaphor and culminated in my last solo exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Galley in 2009.  I felt this show encapsulated all I felt about the elements around me and it was time to follow a different path for a while.


This vacancy was quickly filled with the offer to create herbal products for a thriving small business in Balingup - Tinderbox -  in the position of  production manager.  I loved the work but, after 4 years, circumstances led to a return to my home State of Victoria, which evolved into spending several years touring with a caravan. In 2018 I discovered the idyllic south coast of NSW. and purchased a holiday home there.  My illustration work for Tinderbox includes the 10m glass wall of the Balingup premises, together with commissioned images for their labels. This outlet is well worth a visit should you find yourself in the south\west area of WA.

Covid in 2020 saw the end of illustration and the opening up of time to devote myself to development, again, of my own work. I have a studio of sorts and, having spent so long without time or a studio in which to use larger canvases and oils, I am now finding my present paintings have returned to landscape, drawing on impressions not only of the coastal features but also the high country, the autumn colours, the mists and rivers ... the evocation of space and light.

I am loving this opportunity, and feeling finally able to explore my own direction.