"Of Secrets Long Past" 2005 120x60cm oil on canvas

"House of the Dead, Journey of the Living" 2009 oil on canvas

House of the Dead, Journey for the Livin
Descending Lightcopyright.jpg

"Descending Light" oil on canvas

In our Spring of 2004/5 I made a pilgrimage to Ireland and England in search of Standing Stones. I've always had a sense of Stonehenge in my memory, and a strong attraction to granite outcrops, together with my ancient Irish heritage, so this was a following of tendrils and threads to create a sense of a past. I went without much plan but allowed intuition to guide me and was well rewarded. From this journey I created an exhibition "Whispers from a Journey".

The impact of my Celtic journey carried through to this painting from my 2009 show"Where the Veil is Thin"

"Beneath Clonmacnoise" 2005 80x60cm oil on canvas >

Beneath Clonmacnoisecopyright.jpg
Ancient Sheltercopyright.jpg

"Ancient Shelter" oil on canvas